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Blue Lagoon beach

Indonesia lies in the equator with around 17.500 islands which forms the Indonesian archipelago. The archipelago filled with many fantastic white sandy beaches and various kind of cultural heritage. As the Indonesia constitute from many islands, the archipelago becoming the home of many world best and finest diving sites and still many sites are discovered every day.

With almost half of its territory, across 3500 miles of the Pacific ocean until the indian ocean making Indonesia as the epicenter of marine biodiversity in the world. Its waters are home to some of the large fish like great whale sharks to the smallest seahorses. The Indonesian coral reefs are so vibrant and rich full of marine lifes which you will never see them anywhere else.

Some of the region in Indonesia visited by many divers from around the world with different kind of color and biodiversity are:

  • Bali
  • Gili Island
  • Komodo National Park
  • Sulawesi island such as Menado and Wakatobi
  • Raja Ampat in West Papua
  • South Borneo
  • Maluku and Ambon

The best way to visit all of some of these scuba dive sites is by joining liveboard which will use a sail boat to travel to these diving destinations. If you have your plan to come to the island of Bali you might want to check where to scuba dive in Bali articles so you can arrange your travel plan accordingly.

Bloo Lagoon Villas

villa in blue lagoon beach

Located at the Blue Lagoon beach this private villas is one of a kind villas with beautiful views of the bay. The twenty five unique villas are design to maximize the wonderful views of the sea with its open scape design.

Bloo Lagoon Villas

Villa in Padang Bai

villa in padang bai

The villa is within minutes of walking distances to secluded beach of Bias Tugel - a white sandy beach without too many people and surround by palm fringed coconut trees.

Villa In Padang Bai

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Diving in Blue Lagoon Beach Bali

Blue Lagoon diving

The beach of Blue Lagoon is one of the destination spot for diving entusiast. Many of the diving trips to the east of Bali will include this spot which often mention as Padangbai diving spot.

Blue Lagoon Beach Diving

Other beach in Bali

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